Weekend in Boston

When most people think of having a summer GIRLS TRIP, they think of Miami, New York, Las Vegas, or [insert white beach/blue water destination here]. Not us. My best friends since middle school and I decided that we finally wanted to take a trip together somewhere, but didn’t want to break the bank doing so. Since New York is just a short train ride away, we decided to go further up north to Boston for a change.

There was a heatwave the weekend we went up, and HOT is an understatement! We tried to stay indoors as much as possible and didn’t get to do a couple of things we had planned originally. Nevertheless, it was a wonderful trip and gives us more of a reason to visit again soon!

TRANSPORTATION: Car- affordable and only 4-5 hours away from NJ

LODGING: Cambridge (we found hotel rates to be lower than in Boston)



  • Taza Chocolate Factory

    $8 per person

    You can learn about Taza’s stone ground, organic, and sustainable chocolate on their brief talk and chocolate tasting tour (less than an hour long). You learn about the company’s history, their cacao bean cultivation process, and how their chocolate is made from the beans. My favorite part, without a doubt, was getting to try all their different flavors at the end. I recommend going in on an empty stomach if you plan on sampling everything. Overall, it was a short and sweet way to get our trip started. Online reservations needed. https://www.tazachocolate.com/pages/take-a-tour

  • Charles River Esplanade


    This place was beautiful; however, due to the heatwave, we weren’t able to stick around as long as we would have liked. We decided to walk to the Boston Public Garden about 5-10 minutes away and seek refuge under the trees.

  • Cambridge Center Roof Garden


    This place was gorgeous, and I am surprised (but not complaining) that we were the only ones up here. A great way to cool off and chill for a bit. There are flowers, benches, and different games to play (foosball, ping pong, etc.).


  • Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum

    $10-15 (depending on whether you’re a student, senior citizen, or adult)

    I felt like I had stepped into another world at this museum. There is a beautiful courtyard in the center of the museum’s four walls that beautifully integrates Roman, Byzantine, Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance elements. I wish I had read a little more about the museum before visiting so I could better understand and appreciate the different rooms. The short version of the museum’s history is that a woman named Isabella Stewart Gardener inherited over a million dollars from her father and spent her life collecting and displaying “7500 paintings, sculptures, furniture, textiles, silver, ceramics, 1500 rare books, and 7000 archival objects-from ancient Rome, Medieval Europe, Renaissance Italy, Asia, the Islamic world and 19th-century France and America.” I felt as if I had gone back in time as I was walking through the rooms. We spent about 3 hours here but could’ve stayed all day. Buy tickets online to save time and skip the line.


  • Quincy Market

    You will find tons of shops, restaurants, and street performers in this marketplace. We didn’t spend too much time here, however, due to the heat.

  • Room Escapers at Blackstone Street

    $30 per person

    This was my very first escape room, and I had such an amazing time! Our theme was “The Lost Ship,” and our task was to find the Captain’s treasure on a pirate ship in 70 minutes. Since it was my first time, and I wasn’t sure what to expect, I was a little less “hands-on.” In my opinion, the puzzles were challenging, but not impossible to solve and also really creative. Hoping to do another escape room soon and redeem myself! In case you were wondering, we found the treasure with about 23 minutes to spare and won the game!


  • Sunset Cruise

    $25 per person with a discount on Groupon

    I have been on more sunset cruises this summer than I have in my entire life, but they never get old! This 90-minute cruise includes learning a bit about Boston’s past, seeing the city’s beautiful skyline, watching the USS Constitution/ “Old Ironsides” fire a canon, and taking in a gorgeous sunset. Great way to unwind after a long day. Online reservations needed.


  • Night Out at Tunnel

    If you know me, you know how much of a grandma I am. I can barely stay up past 11 pm; however, my friends did not want to hear it from me on this trip and took me out BOTH nights. We had a few options for clubs and didn’t really love any of them until we came here. They charged us $10 cover Friday night and $20 on Saturday, which we weren’t too thrilled about. Other than that, we had a good time. The music was a mix of Top 40s and throwbacks, and they played your go-to Indian song, Mundiyan To Bach Ke, at one point (which I loved)! We liked Friday night a little more than Saturday due to the DJ and crowd.


  • Freedom Trail

    $12 per person at most (discounts for children, students, and senior citizens)

    History has always been one of my favorite subjects, and given that we were visiting a place with so much history, we couldn’t not take the opportunity to learn more. We took the “Reverse Walk into History” tour which took us to 11 of the 16 official Freedom Trail historic sites. These places include Faneuil Hall, the Boston Massacre site, Old State House, and Granary Burying Ground, where John Hancock, Paul Revere, and Samuel Adams are buried. The entire tour was led by a lady dressed up like an 18th-century woman, which was a cute touch. Buy tickets online.


  • Lunch- Lolita’s

    There were many places we had planned to eat at prior to coming to Boston, but for the sake of time and convenience, we ended up eating whenever and wherever we had the chance. Lolita’s was the most recommended restaurant when we asked our friends what to do in Boston, so we knew we had to eat here no matter what. We wanted to go to Lolita Back Bay, but it wasn’t open at the time. We ended up going to the Lolita Cocina & Tequila Bar in Fort Point. All I can say is that I can see why people love it so much. Their entire brunch menu looked so good, but I opted to eat a little healthier and went with the crispy tofu bowl-one of the best things I have ever had! So glad we had the chance to come here!

  • Mike’s Pastry

    Another highly recommended spot, Mike’s Pastry, is known for its cannolis. I ordered the “Chocolate Chip Cannoli,” and my friend got the “Chocolate Mousse Cannoli.” While both were amazing, I liked my friend’s a little more since it was a little “lighter.”

That was our short and sweet trip to Boston. Definitely hope to revisit soon because there is so much that we didn’t get to do, see, and eat! Here are some of the things my friends from Instagram recommended.

RECOMMENDATIONS WE DIDN’T GET TO (most recommended first)

  1. Fenway Park- to watch a game or even to take a tour

  2. Boston Duck Tours

  3. Martha’s Vineyard

  4. Museum of Science

  5. Museum of Fine Arts

  6. JFK Presidential Library and Museum

  7. Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate

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